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The Day I Got Called an Amateur

I am grateful to work with a variety of clients, and because I’m on the talent roster for several companies that produce hundreds of commercials per year, I never know who I’ll be auditioning for

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Timeless Truths About Life & Business From Martin Luther King Jr. & His Niece

  You know, I wasn't always a history buff. In fact, I think I barely got a B in my American History high school class because I was so. Bored. In fact, fellow students

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How To Write The Perfect Message To Turn Connections Into Clients

OK, so you’ve gotten your LinkedIn profile in tip-top shape (if not, click here for tips on how to do this), and you’ve been busily searching and clicking to connect with the very people who need

5 Steps to Dominate LinkedIn and Blow Up Your Client Base

  5 Easy Steps: Dominate LinkedIn and Blow Up Your Client Base I hate to go shopping. Mostly because I don’t want to drag my four little kids around with me in the quest for

Secrets for Using LinkedIn to Attract Clients and Make You Money!

Secrets For Using LinkedIn to Attract Clients & Make You Money One of the first pieces of advice I got from a successful entrepreneur specializing in social media marketing was to join LinkedIn.  I really

5 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Goals Stick

5 Ways to Make Your New Year's Goals Stick Sometimes I feel like the word “resolution” gets a bad rap. It’s not really a PC term anymore, even though it just means you’re determining to

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